Workplace Developer & Organizational Strategist

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I create neutral-positive and fulfilling work environments through my passion for helping individuals discover their unique leadership art and work ethic.
My overall vision is to enhance the workplace experience by nurturing leadership affinity, empowering individuals to thrive, and supporting their alignment between work ethic and purpose. Our values are compassion, intentionality, and trust.


*prices vary by your business needs
Niche Leadership Coaching
Looking to helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals through niche leadership coaching.
Executive Consultation
Offers confidential consultation to executive-level organizational development leaders in STEM.
Non-Profit Consultation
Collaborates with program and operational leaders in non-profits to offer specialized advice.


image of Octaivia Nettles

I have a proven track record of providing support to brands and organizations by planning, coordinating, and executing business activities, programs, and projects. With my expertise in data management and process improvements, I am able to streamline operations and recommend strategies that enhance overall productivity.

I can be dedicated to aventuring into specialized fields, providing expert guidance and advice to help businesses succeed. Whether you're in a niche industry or looking to enter one, I'm here to help you navigate the landscape and achieve your goals.

M.S. Organizational Leadership
University of Colorado
B.S. Organizational Leadership and Supervision
Purdue University
image of Octaivia Nettles


*all statements are anonymous and confidential*
I saw her strong work ethic. Octaivia truly wants to do the best she can with everything she is involved with. She always gives 100%. She has high expectations for herself and others.
She proactively anticipates any potential obstacles so that they are addressed with minimal delays and no inaccuracies in her assigned projects.
She is an exceptional individual who intuitively understands thought leadership and change management with excellent judgment and problem-solving skills when project objectives need to be implemented.
Octaivia’s cross-functionality has left a long-lasting impression on how we run the building’s operations.
She is strong, kind, intelligent, compassionate.
She is proficient in risk mitigation and leveraging consensus building among cross-functional teams.


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